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When should you do your first fitting & other timing concerns.

When Should I Book My Appointment?

We suggest you do your first bridal fitting at least 12 weeks before your wedding day. That gives us time to do all three fittings. And get your gown pressed and steamed for your big day.

What If I Don't Have My Gown Yet?

If you ordered your gown and it has not yet arrived, don't schedule your first fitting just yet. The shipping timeframe you were given from the bridal store is an estimate. It could arrive sooner than that and it could arrive a little later than that. It's best to wait until you have your gown in hand for us to begin your alterations, that way we're not re-scheduling if it's late and we're not waiting extra weeks if it's early. We've never turned away a bride because we were too busy.

What if My Gown Is Scheduled to Arrive Close to My Wedding?

That's alright. Like we said above, we've never turned a bride away because we were too busy. We'll fit you in. Just wait until it arrives and then give us a call to discuss. We can do alterations faster than the recommended twelve week timeframe if absolutely necessary.

What if my wedding is more than 12 weeks away, but I already have my gown?

Then get yourself booked in girl! We suggest a 12 week timeframe, but there really isn't a too early timeframe when it comes to booking your first fitting. We have busier seasons in the store, so the more we can get done earlier, the better!

What If I Want to Lose Weight?

That's awesome. But that doesn't mean you need to wait to get your alterations started. Losing weight won't change your hem, your bustle or any custom changes you want to do, which are the alterations that can take up a bulk of the time. Just let us know that you are hoping to lose some weight and we can always re-alter the bust or waist closer to the date if needed. That's much easier than doing the whole alterations super close to your wedding day.

What Do I Need to Bring to My First Fitting?

Any undergarments you plan on wearing and your shoes. We can't alter your gown to the right length if we don't know what length that is! If you're booked in for your first fitting and you don't have either of those items, please make every effort to get them or re-schedule your fitting.

How do I book in my first fitting and is there any charge to get a quote?

We thought you'd never ask! The easiest way to book is online. You can see what times we have available each day we're open and book yourself right in. Click here to do that. Or you can call us at 480-590-4644.

Our first fittings are always complimentary. During this fitting Suzanne will walk you through all the needed alterations and what they will cost.

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