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Are you unsure of what alterations you need and how much it will cost? Are you still on the hunt for your seamstress and not ready to start with our team? We can do a consultation appointment without pinning your gown to give you a more specific estimated quote!

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Is your gown perfect but still needs a few tweaks to make it wedding day ready? This could include a hem, bustle, bust darts, taking the sides in, shortening the straps, etc. Let's get the process started!

Custom Changes

Do you want to add sleeves, lower the back, build up your gown to be more modest, or make an overskirt?

We can make it happen!


Has your wedding day finally happened, and you thoroughly enjoyed the day? Did you enjoy it so much that now your gown needs a good cleaning? Do you want to preserve your gown from discoloration in hopes you can pass it down one day? We can help with that!

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