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All About our Fireside Chats Series!

The thing about doing bridal alterations for 40 years is that you become a wealth of information. When you work on this many gowns every month, there are so many things that just come second nature to you. We often wonder how we pass along all this information to our brides-to-be!

This is a big year for us, with Sydney opening Legacy Bridal, which officially opened on February 20th, and Suzanne starting her path to retirement.

So we sat down and had a Fireside Chat with Suzanne, Sydney & Angel. And each week, starting we'll share an episode where we dive into the dish on what's happening at Suzanne's Sewing Service and what is still to come.

So follow along on our socials and be sure to catch each episode. There are laughs, tears, and so much good information that every bride needs to know about the alteration process.

You can watch episode one here:

You can watch episode two here:

Watch episode three, which just released today here:

Be sure to subscribe so you get notified when each episode is released.

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