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Trang & Jordan's Wedding Part Two!

Trang has a very special place in Suzanne's heart. And we loved having her back in the shop for her alterations. She got married on October 31st, 2021. And her pictures are breathtaking! Let's dive into her wedding day.

How did you hear about Suzanne's Sewing?

I actually used to work for her as her sewing assistant. I wasn't a professional tailor at the time, so she really took a risk on me and taught me everything I know about being a professional seamstress.

How soon before your wedding did you start your alterations?

10 months; we were from a different state so having a lot of extra padding was important to us

What made you choose Suzanne's Sewing?

I chose Suzanne because she is the best in the business. She is the most experienced and most knowledgeable seamstress I know; I don't think I've ever seen her not achieve a wish her clients asked her for. She genuinely cares about everyone who comes across her and I've never met anyone who loves love as much as her.

What alterations did Suzanne do?

She lowered the back, moved the straps, took in the bust cups, hemmed the dress and put in a bustle.

How was your experience working with Suzanne + her team?

It was great! Everyone was very friendly, I never had to wait too long, and everyone was so accommodating with the fact that I was out of state.

How did you feel in your gown on the day of your wedding?

Like its the most beautiful I've ever been in my entire life.

Where did you get married/have your reception?

At the Georgetown Ballroom in Seattle, Washington

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Definitely our first look. Prior to the wedding, Jordan swore up and down that he wasn't going to cry, and I believed him because he is usually so stoic and calm, ESPECIALLY around other people, but he cried immediately upon seeing me and every time I would look at him in the eyes for too long. It was so sweet that he was willing to be so emotional and I could just tell he was overcome with love for me.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your alteration process?

I ended up getting out of the alterations business because dang, is it HARD, both physically and emotionally. Working with brides can be even harder. So the fact that Suz was always so chipper and happy to see her clients was amazing to me and it really heightened my experience. I think I worked for her for less than a year, but she always treated me like I was born into her family. I think what she was able to pull off in the limited appts I could have due to having to fly down there was incredible.

Any advice for future couples getting married?

To be clear on your expectations for married life. For us, it meant we had to be on the same page about finances, having kids, and if our expectations for each other would be different if we were husband and wife rather than just girlfriend and boyfriend. And for arguments, don't think of it as you versus them. Try to think of it as the two of you versus the problem. You should start on the same team if you're going to end up on the same team.

We love you Trang and we're so appreciative of your support! We wish you & Jordan a lifetime of love and happiness.

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