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2022 Wedding Trends.

Cottagecore aesthetic

This new trend is all about shabby chic design centered around pastoral-perfect living. Picture adorable woodland creatures, stunning wildflower fields and a quaint cabin with a pie baking in the oven.

Vintage Furniture

Although vintage couches and chairs have been used in weddings for the last few years, expect to see more vintage furniture at weddings and more nods to nostalgia. Brides are incorporating more sentimental decor and furniture which speaks to finding beauty in life's imperfections and feels more personal and authentic to couples.

Vintage, Moody Metallics

Instead of the pastel hues, blush tones and baby blues we’ve seen trending for years, this year is taking a sharp turn toward smokey grays, romantic reds and midnight blacks. And we're here for it! To match all the vintage furniture which was often bright colors, we are seeing more and more brides opt for shades of metallics mixed with antique brass.

Rattan and Woven Decor

Bringing a touch of bohemian to your wedding day, adding some rattan and woven decor is trending for 2022. It's a nod to Moroccan flair. We are also loving the trend of less decor on your table, with just a simple greenery down the middle and more details in the air.

Small, scaled-back but beautiful weddings

COVID-19 has changed the way that couples plan their wedding days. And we're still seeing couples plan more intimate, scaled back wedding days. Backyard weddings, small elopements and more localized destination weddings are still on the rise. It's such a great reminder that something doesn't have to be large to be beautiful.

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Which is your favorite trend for 2022?

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