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Why Brides Panic + What To Do If it Happens

Not all brides do it. But it’s not completely uncommon. What happens if you get home, your heart starts pounding and you start questioning the decision that you just made? Let’s talk about bridal panic for a minute.

It’s been a day you’ll remember for a while. You went dress shopping. It was a great day with mom and your best girl friends. Maybe you even dragged grams along for the ride.

You found the gown. You pictured walking down the aisle. You said yes. Maybe mom cried, maybe she didn’t. {it’s still your gown either way} Then you get home. You are excited but then the finalization of what you just did hits you in a wave of sheer panic. Shut the front door! Did I just really find a gown? WHAT DID I SAY YES TO!? There are a number of reasons why this panic might be hitting you and they’re not bad reasons and it’s not uncommon.

The first reason is you might feel like you didn’t shop enough. You might wonder how could it be this easy? Shouldn’t I have dragged mom and grams to every store there is before I decided? Many brides, partially thanks to good, old reality tv shows feel like every bride must try on every single dress to be found before making a decision. Or they see those reality TV shows and think that it must really be that hard to find a gown. But it’s not. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to try on 22 gowns to know FOR SURE. Because the truth is once you find one you love, you’ll just keep searching for something so similar to that one that you’ll end up getting frustrated or overwhelmed. So remind yourself that it doesn’t have to be difficult and just because it was easy, doesn’t mean that you made the wrong decision.

Another reason is that sometimes that purchase suddenly makes the whole wedding feel real. A lot of times it’s not even about the dress, it’s about the realness of the decision that you are committing to. Remember to breath and remember all those reasons you said yes to the proposal. You are getting married. Don’t let that scare you, let it excite you.

Photograph by Drey Johnson Photography.

We live in an instant society. My daughter was attending a birthday party last Saturday. On Thursday I ordered a gift from Amazon and it was delivered Friday for her to take. We simply are just not used to waiting. But unfortunately we operate in an industry who has not changed with the times and gowns still take 5-7 months to get in. This often makes brides feel a bit panic-y simply due to the time it takes for their gown to arrive and the fact that 90% of their other purchases arrive the next day or can be taken home with them.

The final reason we sometimes see bridal panic is because the bride knows someone who bought a second gown or also panicked. Just because someone else went through that situation, does not mean you should second guess as well. Every bride is different, just like their say yes story is different too.

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