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What Alterations Do Most Brides Need?

One of the most difficult things about planning a wedding, is learning all the things that a bride needs to know.

So let's talk about the alterations that most brides need to do.


Almost every bride will need the hem on her gown brought up. Most wedding gowns are designed for people who are around 5'11 in height. So if you're not that tall, you'll need to have your hem done so you're not tripping down the aisle! This is why we need you to have your shoes at every fitting!


Again most wedding gowns are designed to fit the largest bust bride. So almost everyone will need to bring the top of the gown in. And this usually include altering the straps. Often the right undergarments can make a big difference here too. So we do suggest adding cups into the top of the gown.


If you plan to dance or enjoy your reception, adding a bustle to your gown will ensure you can dance the night away with ease. A bustle pulls your train up into your skirt so that it becomes floor length all around.

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