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Real Love Story | Hali & Clyde

Today on the blog we're featuring a bride who had her alterations done at Suzanne's Sewing Service. They have the cutest love story and we can't wait to share it with you!

Your name + your fiancee's name + your last name(s)

Hali Rose and Clyde Church

How did the two of you meet?

We met in 2005 when we were on summer camp on a schooner. The camp was supposed to be to sail and study whales, and we happened to hit a [very endangered] North Atlantic Right Whale on our trip. It was totally fine and not seriously hurt, but still a pretty monumental experience. But alas, he lived in Arizona and I lived in Massachusetts, so we only saw each other for those 2 weeks of teenage summer camp. We stayed in touch through the phone and internet (and snail mail) and then eventually reconnected in person 14 years later when I came out to Arizona to visit him... and never left.

How did you know your fiancé was the one?

How many people stay in touch for 14 years after only knowing each other 2 weeks? He made me laugh, I thought he was the most fascinating person I had ever met, and I never stopped thinking about him after that initial 2 week long 15 year old crush. That first feeling of being enamored with him never faded, even without seeing him in person all that time. When I came out to visit he still had the wooden whale puzzle I sent him in the mail the summer after our trip, along with all the letters I had sent him. We didn't skip a beat- I got off the plane and it was just sort of "OK this is what's meant to be for me" and I never got on the plane to go back home.

How did your fiancé propose (from your point of view)?

It was more of a mutual decision than a proposal, we knew we were in love and "the one" for each other and that we should make it official. Neither of us had any doubts about it.

Where did you get married/have your reception?

On that same boat we met on, The Spirit of Massachusetts. I hadn't thought about it since, and when I moved out here I looked it up and found out that it had been turned into a floating restaurant in Maine. It was nice not to have to find a reception venue, because how much more perfect can a story get?

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

All of the hugs right after the ceremony. It was a huge "wow this is real" moment, and was just completely overwhelming with all of the love from both sides of our families and all our friends. I met some people for the first time and saw some people I love and hadn't seen in too long, and it was just one of the most love-filled moments of my life so far.

Any advice for future couples getting married?

The right one is worth waiting for! Also don't sweat the small stuff, things that seem SO important during planning really... aren't. At the end of the day you have your memories of dancing with your friends, crying with your family, smiling constantly, and most importantly marrying the person of your dreams. Everything else? Nifty, but background noise. Just have fun.

Come back next week as we chat with Hali about her experience at Suzanne's Sewing Service as well as her favorite vendors from her wedding day.

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All photographs by Bethany and Dan Photography.

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