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Kerri + Kelaiah's Wedding Day!

Wedding Date:

November 13, 2021

How did you find out about Suzanne's?

We found her on google.

What alterations did Suzanne do?

For me, she shortened the straps, took in the bust, added cups, hemmed, added a bustle. For Kelaiah she did the bustle and fixed the decorative straps on the back of the dress.

What made you choose Suzanne's Sewing?

The absolute friendliness of the staff and Suzanne herself. I felt immediately at home there. We are plus size brides and never once felt weird or awkward of our size.

How did you feel in your gown on the day of your wedding?

Like a goddess!

How was your experience working with Suzanne + her team?

I cannot say enough how pleased I am with Suzanne and her team. What a joy to work with.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your alteration process?

Thank you for making our wedding gowns fit perfectly. We were beautiful.

Who were your favourite wedding vendors from your wedding day?

My photographer, Ty Moss and her Husband. My DJ Steve Whittier. From Southwest Sunset Productions My bakery : Sugarlips Cakery

Any other unique details or stories about your wedding day that you want to tell us?

We had a non-legal life commitment handfasting ceremony.

Any advice for future couples getting married?

Communication is key! Always be honest with your partner even if it might hurt a little.

All photographs by That RedHaired Girl Photography.

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