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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

I feel like that perfectly describes our 2021 at Suzanne’s Sewing Service. It’s been exactly one year since we sold the bridal store and Suzanne’s Sewing was officially reborn. Selling a business as you can imagine, brings lots of challenges. Launching a new business during a pandemic is no joke, but we’ve all grown so much this past year. We have learned so many lessons and have so much to be grateful for as we enter into 2022. To celebrate one year of Suzanne’s and to kick off the New Year we chatted with owner Suzanne about the past year and what she’s most looking forward to in 2022! Let’s dive in.

What’s the best thing that happened in 2021?

Honestly, the best thing was getting to do what I love in 2021. As you know, we sold the bridal store on December 31st, 2020 and so we entered this past year with excitement and anticipation to be able to do just bridal and formal wear alterations. I’ve been able to do three times as many bridal alterations this year as I was able to do when I owned the bridal store. I’ve got a wonderful staff at Suzanne’s Sewing. Angel and Sydney who came with me when I sold Suzanne’s Bridal and Cheryl who joined our team this year. I have way less staff headaches and am able to just focus on providing the perfect fit and experience to our customers. We also surpassed our big revenue goal that I set for 2021 and I’m so proud of the growth we’ve had.

What’s been the hardest thing of 2021?

When people you trust let you down. I’ve a big people person and I trust wholeheartedly. So when people that I have trusted deeply, prove to be untrustworthy, it really hurts. And as happy as I am to have sold the bridal store, it really was my baby. I loved working with brides and their entourages and helping create these beautiful Say Yes moments. The store will always be something that I am grateful for having been a part of my life, but I am equally glad to move into this final chapter before I officially retire out of the bridal business.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I honestly am looking forward to serving more brides. I just love meeting them and helping them fall in love with their gown all over again when it has the perfect fit.

What’s next for Suzanne’s Sewing Service?

I can’t wait to continue to grow this business. I’m excited to hire more staff and train them to be seamstresses. And to get the team I already have even more trained to take on more responsibilities inside of Suzanne’s Sewing Service. We’re also looking into expanding to be able to serve more and more brides in 2022.

What’s next for Suzanne personally?

I’m excited for 2022. It’s going to be such a good year. I’m looking forward to continued health for my team. And my husband Tom and I are looking at buying a house in Georgia to be able to visit my grandkids and daughter more. It’s going to be a great year and I feel so blessed to do what I love!

From the entire team at Suzanne's Sewing Service we wish you a Happy New Year. We're so grateful for you. For your continued support and love. Cheers to bringing in 2022!

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