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I'm Engaged!! What Now?!

Congrats on your recent engagement!! This is such a fun season of life! But it often can become a stressful one when it comes to planning and making decisions for your wedding. Whether you are starting to feel the stress or not, let us help you come up with a rough timeline, list of things to do, and an idea of where to start!

1. Go pin crazy! Pinterest can be an amazing resource when figuring out your vision for your wedding. Go pin crazy for a couple of weeks and then we suggest narrowing those pins down and even printing off the things you can't live without. Putting these pictures in front of you will help you weed things out and see what details are really important to you. And help see a theme or style for your wedding day emerge.

2. Start a wedding binder. This may seem old school but it is SO helpful having your ideas printed, in hand and in front of you. You can keep all your inspiration pictures here, your receipts, your checklist, your RSVP's...really everything wedding related in one spot; because let' be honest, you'll be a little scatter brained during this time and there is nothing worse than wasting time trying to find something.

3. Talk about your budget. A topic most people would rather avoid talking about - money! It's a good idea to discuss who will be paying for what and how much it will cost. That helps you to figure out a reasonable budget and determine ways to stick to it. Write out a list of what's most important to you; a good photographer, the food, the venue, a videographer, florist, your dress, etc. Rank these aspects and start from the top when searching for these things.

4. Pick your wedding party. Have fun with this and once your girls are by your side, delegate things that they can help with because trust us - they want to help and be involved, so let them be!

Photo by Brenna Lee Photography

5. Find your photographer and take engagement pictures. When the stress hits a high level, this is such a fun way to remind yourselves what your day is really about: the love you two share! Get dolled up and make a day date out of it!

6. Go dress shopping. Get your girls, invite your mom, grab some lunch and have fun trying on all the wedding dresses! This will be SO much fun for you as a bride - getting into those wedding dresses for the first time is so magical and having your girlfriends with you will make it even more exciting!

And when you've selected your wedding gown, make sure you book your first bridal fitting at Suzanne's Sewing Service. You can book online by clicking here.

Cheryl is ready to get you all booked in for your first bridal gown fitting!

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