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5 Tips for a Thriving Marriage.

While we love all aspects of wedding planning, sometimes brides forget to plan for their marriage and not just the wedding day. With that thought in mind, we wanted to share some of our tips for thriving in your marriage.

Marriage can be such a beautiful thing.

But it can also be really hard + a lot of work.

But that work is totally worth it when you come together as a stronger couple.

Put your phones away for a few hours and keep learning about each other, keep enjoying each other's company and don't stop adventuring. Find new ways to surprise each other.

While wedding planning is exciting it's also exhausting. Take a break every once in a while and just be together.

Go for a massage regularly. Get your hair done. Do things that fill your cup. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup. You can't give your marriage the love and attention it deserves if you're burnt out or exhausted. Find things you can do together, like meditate or exercise. But have one or two things you can do each week that fills you back up.

This is a hard one. Marriage takes real work. And you have to choose which hills you'll die on and which ones don't matter. Learn to let the things that don't matter, slide. Wedding planning is a good exercise in compromise. Involve your fiancé as much as you can, but learn when to let things go.

You now have someone else involved in every aspect of your life. The decisions you make daily affect your spouse, let them know your plans, include them in your decisions...

One thing that is helpful, especially when you add kids going in every direction to the mix, is to sit and chat on Sunday evenings about the week ahead. Whose doing what, going where and what do we really need to accomplish that week.

Work at it together. I know not all spouses care about the looks of your house. But ask their opinion and find some projects you can work on together on weekends. Make your bedroom a safe and device free room.

And most of all, spend some time during your engagement to discuss your marriage. What do you want it to look like? What are some potential stressors?

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