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Your chance to win a full Wedding Day SOS kit

This month we're offering a Book Early Promotion. Every bride who books early in June will get a free starter SOS kit. And you'll also be entered to win a full Wedding Day SOS kit. Here's everything you need to know about this promotion!

Typically we recommend brides book their first fitting about 12 weeks before their wedding date. This ensures enough time to do all three fittings.

This year we anticipate alterations to be much busier than usual. Lots of our 2020 brides postponed their weddings due to COVID-19. Which means a potential of having twice as many weddings for some of our busiest wedding months!

We want to encourage brides to book in earlier than the recommended 12 weeks, if they have their gown in hand already. We're looking at you September - December brides! This will ensure that we can accommodate all brides looking for alterations. Suzanne can get started on alterations like bustles, custom designs and hems while waiting until closer to the wedding day to finalize sizing.

These are some of our brides who took advantage of our Early Booking Promo already in June! We missed taking a few pictures, so if you aren't pictured here you are still entered in the draw.

The SOS starter kit includes all the above items, plus a list of other items that you should add to it for your wedding day! Remember, every bride who books a first fitting that is more than 12 weeks away from their wedding day will receive one of these.

And one bride will win this full SOS wedding day kit!

Want to see Suzanne walk you through each item that is included? Click here to watch the video.

Click here to book your first fitting. Or text us at 480.605.4768.

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