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What to expect during your bridal fitting process.

Alterations are different for every bride. It depends on a few factors - how much time you have before your wedding & what all needs to be done. But this is our basic process for fitting bridal gowns.

Bridal First Fitting: This is when the brides first get to meet Suzanne.

Brides will need to bring with them their shoes they are wearing {even if you plan on wearing flats} and any shape wear you plan to wear under your gown.

Once they are dressed, Suzanne comes out with her pins. Suzanne begins discussing what she sees needs to be done as well as asking the bride what she thinks.

During this fitting, we are constantly asking “how does that feel?” or “is that better?” because you are the ones wearing it! We want you to be comfortable as it's a long day in the dress.

Suzanne usually starts with the top of a dress and works her way down.

Typical alterations on the top of the dress are raising the shoulders/shortening straps, bust darts and some time taking the sides in or letting them out. If the alterations aren’t too major on the top of the gown, she will mark the hem at a first fitting, too.

Suzanne or one of our team members will walk you through the cost of your appointments at this appointment.

Bridal Second Fitting: This is when Suzanne washes all your worries away and you see just how amazing she is at her job!

You need to bring everything that you brought to your first fitting back with you to this fitting. Proper undergarments and shoes are absolutely necessary!

Suzanne will have everything “pin basted” or “prepped”. Your gown may look funny during this appointment, but keep it mind, it's not yet complete! The reasoning for this is because we want you to approve how everything looks and for Suzanne to see how it is fitting before she does all the time-consuming finish work to make it permanent. The hem is prepped, meaning it is folded under to the length it will be when it is done (the lining layers are usually cut, but not the top “pretty” layer).

This is the point when Suzanne marks the bustle.

Bridal Final: One of Suzanne's amazing team usually does these final fittings.

Your dress is usually finished. There are some exceptions, but for the most part it is done. We recommend that the Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid comes to this appointment to learn how to do the bustle and do you up into your gown on your wedding day. If they are unable to come, we take pictures and video the process so that they know how to do it on the wedding day!

From here we schedule a Press for Pick Up (if they have purchased pressing). Most brides will pick up just a day or two before their wedding. The pressing process includes the steaming of every layer of the dress as well as looking for any loose threads or beads. The train is hung up on its own hanger and we put a bust form in the dress to ensure that it keeps its shape. You then pick up your gown perfect for your {& it's} walk down the aisle!

Questions about your bridal fittings? Call us at 480-590-4644.

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