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The Suzanne's Sewing Alteration Experience.

As we head into our busy season, we wanted to share what to expect throughout your alterations experience at Suzanne's Sewing Service.

Step 1: Book Your First Fitting.

You can book this appointment online at or by calling us at 480-590-4644. We suggest that you book your first fitting at least 12 weeks before your wedding. There's really no booking it too early. So as soon as you have your gown, your shoes and any undergarments that you plan on wearing, book in your first fitting.

Step 2: Come to Your First Fitting

Bring your shoes to this fitting. Bring 1-2 guests with you to this appointment. During your first fitting one of our team members will pin you into your gown and walk you through how much your alterations will cost. If you have any concerns or are hoping to lose weight, communicate that with our team. At this fitting you'll also be required to pay for your alterations and book in your second fitting.

Step 3: Attend Your Second Fitting

During this fitting, your wedding gown will not be complete. You'll feel how your gown feels when it will be finished. Your feedback is critical at this stage. Remember alterations are a process, so if you feel like anything is too tight or too loose, just let us know. We're here to help you get the perfect fit! During your second fitting, you will schedule your third fitting which may or may not be your final fitting.

Step 4: Attend Your Final Fitting

Make sure you bring someone with you to your final fitting that can learn how to do your bustle and do you up on your wedding day. This is your chance to make any last minute adjustments and make sure you are completely happy with the fit of your gown. At this fitting we'll book in your steaming and when you will pick up your wedding gown for your big day!

Step 5: Pick Up Your Gown & Get Married

Pick up your wedding gown the week of your wedding. It will be fully pressed and steamed and ready for you to rock it on your special day! Don't forget to soak in and enjoy the day. And when you get your pictures back from your photographer, don't forget to send some to us!

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