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The Four Shapes of Bridal Gowns.

At Suzanne's Sewing Service we're all about education! That may seem like a strange thing to say about an alterations store, but hear us out. Our goal is to help you feel empowered, educated and knowledgeable throughout the entire alteration process. In fact, later this month we'll be blogging all about our alterations process. {So if you have any specific questions about that, be sure to leave us a comment}

We want you to make the best decision about the purchase of your gown as well. So we put together a little blog to help you better understand the shapes of wedding gowns. Every wedding gown can be classified in one of four ways.

  1. A-Line

This shape defines your waist line and the skirt makes an A shape. It's not as full as ball gown, but it usually has some pouf to it. It's a very flattering shape on all body types. And it's perfect for an outdoor wedding as it's not too heavy, but still gives you a bit of that princess feel.

2. Ball Gown

This shape is similar to an A-line but it has a much fuller skirt. This is your classic princess feeling gown. It typically has several layers of crinoline under the skirt to give you that classic, full feeling.

3. Flowy

This gown has a very romantic feel to it. It just floats to the ground. It's not tight to your body and it doesn't have any fullness to the skirt. It's typically the lightest of the shapes. It's the perfect silhouette for an outdoor or backyard wedding.

4. Fitted

This is anything that is form fitting. It follows the shape of your body. Some fitted gowns have a kick out around your knees for a more dramatic bottom.

As you are trying gowns on, be sure to try on a few of the different shapes so you can be sure you are picking the best one for your shape + your day! And once you'll chosen your gown be sure to reach out to us to schedule your alterations.

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