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Re-making Casey's Mom's Wedding Gown.

Casey came to Suzanne's Sewing Service with a dream & two wedding gowns that she wanted to make into one.

One gown was sentimental as it was the gown her mom wore on her wedding day. She wanted to have it altered to make it a little more modern and to create a better fit.

The other gown was one she had found secondhand. She loved the flow of the skirt of that gown. Suzanne was able to take the top off of her mom's gown, alter it to fit Casey better and add it to the skirt of the gown she found secondhand.

With a little bit of Suzanne magic and a few fittings, Suzanne was able to create the perfect wedding gown for Casey's wedding on January 13th, 2023. And Casey absolutely loved the results, calling it the perfect wedding gown. And judging by the look on Max's face in these pictures, he agreed that it was the perfect gown for Casey.

Suzanne argues when she says she has magic. Because changes like this take quite a bit of work! It's just that Suzanne makes it seem like magic, because she's so good at what she does.

Wedding Day Photographs by Ashly Shae Photography

Here's what Casey had to say about working with Suzanne's Sewing Services:

"I went to Suzanne’s wanting to create my own wedding dress and I was a little anxious cause I don’t know anything about creating a dress! I had my mom's dress and another one I got secondhand. After speaking to her about what I wanted and her telling me what was possible, she put together this beautiful masterpiece!!! The dress fit like a glove and was able to dance all night without it feeling too snug or like it was gonna fall off. Which is amazing because both the dresses I brought in were too small on me lol. Also- everyone who works here is SO nice and helpful! Definitely recommend to anyone just getting their dress altered or wanting to create their own thing!"

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