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Planning on kids at your wedding. Read these tips first!

It's the great debate of weddings - to include kids or not?

While everyone has an opinion about it, there are some weddings where kids can be included. You have to decide what's best for you + your fiancé and extended family.

If you decide to include them in the festivities, we've put together some wedding must have's for the kids in attendance to help your day run smoothly!

1. Activities for them. This is such an easy way to keep them entertained and make them feel special from the get go!

2. A fun drink for them. This makes the kids feel like one of the grown-ups, and they'll love being included!

3. Snacks. It's no joke that kids are always hungry, so make sure you have some munchies around for them to snack on throughout the day and into the night.

4. Give them a 'duty'. Making them feel important and responsible for something will make them feel so proud and a part of the day. Bonus it will also keep them occupied for a while!

5. Capture some fun pictures! Don't forget the joy kids can bring to any room, capture their cuteness and you're sure to get a smile out of it too!

Be creative, think back to when you were a kid and incorporate things you would have loved. That way you're sure to have some happy campers!

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