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Planning a Small Wedding? Read this first!

One of the greatest things to come from COVID is small and intimate weddings. Many brides chose to downsize or chose to plan a more intimate wedding over the last few years and we absolutely love it!

Here are some benefits to a small wedding.

Photograph by J.Gracie Photography

  1. Save on costs

When you have a smaller wedding, you have less costs. Less people to feed, less favour to purchase. Keep it simpler and you’ll keep more money in your wallet. You’ll also have more options for unique venues than your traditional wedding halls or golf courses. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with!

2. Splurge on things that matter

Since you’re saving on some aspects of your wedding day, that means you can splurge on things that truly matter to you. Maybe it’s your photographer, maybe it’s your gown, maybe it’s including the alcohol for your guests, whatever it is, there’s room in the budget. Better yet, splurge on something that will better your life as you begin married life. Save money for a downpayment or pay off some debt.

3. More time to enjoy the day

Your wedding day is just one day. And that day goes by so fast. With a smaller guest list, you can spend more time enjoying and soaking in the moments of the day. You can also do more wedding events that day. I had a bride in the store a few weeks ago who was doing a brunch wedding. A small ceremony in the morning, followed by a delicious brunch and then outside yard games. What a fun approach to the wedding day! Remember weddings don’t have to just be in the afternoon, followed by an evening reception.

Picture from Pinterest.

Whether you decide to do a small wedding or not, make sure you make the decision based on what’s best for you and your fiance. Don’t get caught up in the have-to-do’s. Think about the benefits of having a small wedding now and do what’s best for you as a couple. And if we can be of any assistance, we’re just a message or text away. To book in your first fitting, click here!

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