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Jordan & Trang "Sushie"'s Love Story!

Trang has a very special place in Suzanne's heart. She worked for Suz before moving out of Arizona. She was such a quick learner and so creative! We have loved getting to know her and it was such an honor to alter her wedding gown. She flew back to Arizona to have Suzanne do her wedding gown alterations.

She got married on October 31st, 2021. And her pictures are breathtaking! Let's dive into their love story!

How did the two of you meet?

We met through a mutual friend; We were all art students at Arizona State University. I was walking my friend to his class that he shared with Jordan. Jordan was sitting outside and his long hair reminded me of the character "Bender" from the Breakfast Club so I told him as much. He had never seen it, but when I finally got to show him, he exact response was "please tell me I don't look like the homeless guy". He asked me to a sushi date a few weeks later and we've seen a lot more movies together since!

How did you know your fiancé was the one?

When we moved across the country with each other and when he supported me through graduate school. Both were incredibly challenging trials that ended up strengthening our relationship and I knew we could take on any obstacle that life could offer.

How did your fiancé propose (from your point of view)?

We had taken a trip to Salem, Massachusetts around Halloween time (our favorite holiday) to celebrate our dating anniversary as well as my birthday that was around the same time. I knew he was keeping something for me in a backpack and I thought it was a special birthday present that for some reason he was really nervous to give me. Throughout our time together, I had always said I wasn't a fan of public engagements, so after a full day of exploring the city with tons of people around, he found us an secluded spot at a park in Salem (right across from the memorial where the "witches" were buried lol) and he pulled out a portfolio full of a series of drawings that he had made, illustrating a folklore type story where we were both characters representing deities of the sun and moon. At the end of the story, the sun and moon create an eclipse, which was represented by the engagement ring. I clearly remember saying (too loudly) "wait what is happening?" while he got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was so excited that I essentially blacked out and had to ask him to ask me again so I could soak it in before saying yes!

How did you propose (from your fiancee's point of view)?

I proposed by writing a creation myth as a comic book where the two main gods were represented by us. The creation of the world reflected the creation of our lives together.

Who were your favourite wedding vendors from your wedding day?

Carson, our photographer was with us through two years of the process. We took engagement pictures a year before our wedding and they're, in my opinion, the best photos of us that exist. All the staff at the Georgetown Ballroom were so incredibly helpful in helping us navigate planning a wedding during a pandemic and were always giving us updates on new mandates and how we could still try and have the best wedding we could And of course Suz and her team! Suz and I have known each other for several years now, and I always knew I would be getting my dress from her. She just pours so much love into everyone she meets and I think she just wants to foster love wherever it may bloom.

Photographs by Carson Lillard Photography.

Join us next week as we dive more into Jordan & Trang's wedding day and her alteration process.

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