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Angela + Jon's Wedding Day!

Wedding Date

March 21, 2021

Where did you get married/have your reception?

Right here in Gilbert, AZ - backyard wedding and reception!

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Jon and I love to celebrate the little things as well as the big things. Our tradition is that we go into the kitchen and pour ourselves a shot and cheers to the the occasion. Well, instead of tying a knot or pouring sand, we decided to do a celebratory unity shot!

Who were your favourite wedding vendors from your wedding day?

Our Luncheon caterer was AMAZING! Espo's Mexican Food out of Chandler was so delish!

Any other unique details or stories about your wedding day that you want to tell us?

My other favorite story was at the end of the night, my 7 other siblings and I have this tradition called the "stack" photo. So me being the oldest, I am always on the bottom and my little brother is always at the top. Well, sure enough, I got down on the ground in my wedding dress, with my 7 month pregnant sister on top of me, with the next 2 oldest brother's holding up the weight of my 4 other siblings to take pressure off my sister's belly! It was something to remember that's for sure!

What alterations did Suzanne do?

Suzanne did a hem, shortened the straps, adjusted the bust line, and added built in bra cups (talk about life saver!!)

How did you feel in your gown on the day of your wedding?

I felt like a QUEEN!

How was your experience working with Suzanne + her team?

Suzanne and Michaela were there for me every step of the way. They were both SO amazing!

Any advice for future couples getting married?

My biggest advice is DO WHAT YOU WANT. You are going to have so many people give their opinion and tell you what you "should" do. Well guess what?! This is your wedding, your special day, not theirs. Are you going to want to remember how you did something your way, or are you going to wish you did it your way after everything's said and done. Lastly, delegate! You do NOT need to figure out every little detail. There are people, friends and family out there that have special talents and gifts. Let them use their talents! Let them help you! You'd be surprised at how many people WANT to help you. :)

Such great advice from Angela. We loved hearing all about their wedding day and we hope you did too. To read their love story, click here.

All Photographs by Jordan Roy Media

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