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A Staff Recap of 2022!

It's hard to believe that January is already almost halfway done. 2022 was a year for the books! We sat down with Suzanne, Sydney & Angel to recap the year and talk big plans for 2023! Here's to 2023.

What has been the best part of 2022 for you?

Suzanne- Our new shop. Well, old new shop. It's like coming home. It feels like I never left. Selling my bridal shop was the best thing I ever did but also the worse thing I ever did. There was a lot of pain involved in giving up your life's work, and a lot of adjustment and the decisions that I made were validated by the amazing year we've had! It feels GREAT to be home!

Sydney - The best part of 2022 for me was us moving into our brand-new shop! It feels so much like home, it is crazy to think we have only been here since June!

Angel - I loved moving to the new shop since we have more space and aren’t crawling on top of each other anymore! We can spread out and help even more brides at our new store.

What has been the most challenging part of 2022?

Suzanne - Growth is a difficult thing. Finding people who want to work and can actually do the work is not easy. But the biggest challenge is just keeping up with the work! Which really is a great problem to have.

Sydney - It is hard to say what the most challenging part of 2022 was... This has been a pretty great year and super busy, so I don't think I have one... If I have to say something, I guess it has been challenging finding another addition to our team here!

Angel - We had such a great year so I can’t really say what was the most challenging but maybe just getting through the busy season of October. We worked some long days during busy season, but we have the absolute best brides, so it's all worth it!

Is there a bride that sticks out in your mind that reminds you of why you do what you do?

Suzanne - All my brides are special. There is no one bride. I do what I do because of the trust these women put in us! It's amazing how close we are to them by the end of the process. I have brides that bring me their daughters, granddaughters, and friends. How can there be just ONE special bride when the love they show me is inimitable? My brides trust and respect us so we return the feeling. Building relationships has always been my thing. I'm from Hawai'i. It's our way of life!

Sydney - Do I have to pick ONE?!?! We have had so many amazing brides so this one is really difficult! One bride, I'd say, would be Sarah Beth Brooks! She is a fellow Esthetician just like me, so she and I hit it off lickity split! :) And she was always so grateful every time she came in and so in love with her gown! She even went out of her way to bring the team here goodie bags of amazing skincare products! She is a beautiful girl and even more beautiful on the inside!

Angel - There are so many! I love when the brides are so nice that when they leave you are just happy and want their wedding day to be perfect. Some of the ones that come to mind are Kim Munoz, Jazlyn Moreno, Michele McDonald, Deanna Jarrett, Elizabeth Evans…I could literally keep going and feel like I’m leaving people out. We truly have the most wonderful customers and it's a pleasure working with them.

What were you most looking forward to during the holiday season?

Suzanne - I worked. I needed to get caught up and I'm going to visit my grandbabies in January! So I got ahead for that trip.

Sydney - I enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephew! Being an Auntie to them brings me so much joy! Also, spending time with my hubby and our pup of course!

Angel - I got to go to Texas and visit my family. I really enjoyed some time off and everything that the holiday season brings!

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Suzanne - watching my girls flourish and take on new roles and responsibilities. Seeing my daughter and grandbabies more!

Sydney - 2023 is going to be a year of growth for me personally and I am both really excited for it and even a little nervous! But knowing I have Team SSS on my side, I know it will be great! :)

Angel - I am looking forward to Suzanne truly enjoying her “road to retirement” as I like to call it. I am excited for her to take more time off and spend it with her grandchildren!

As we head into another new year, what advice do you have for 2023 brides?

Suzanne - Give me the time I need! This year if you want Suz you need to get into me Planning is the key to a great unstressful wedding! And an unstressed seamstress lol.

Sydney - Please start your alterations no later than 12 weeks before your wedding date! If you have your dress before then, go ahead and just get started! To make your dress fit even better, make sure to have the correct undergarment also. I know we don't want to wear bras or anything but it really makes a world of difference! Even taping or the sticky bras, you just want something that is going to keep you lifted and up, all cup sizes! :)

Angel - Enjoy the planning and the day. It comes and goes faster than you think. All the little things you are stressing about now will not be important when that day arrives and after. Just remember as long as you and your loved ones are there, you will all have a great time. Related to alterations: If you have questions, ask them while you are here and in the dress. We cannot fix a problem we don't know is there and are more than willing to get it right as long as you tell us.

We have such a great team at SSS! And we had such an amazing 2022 & we're so excited to see all the amazing things that 2023 will bring!

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