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12 Ways to Keep the Stress Away as You Plan Your Wedding Day

1. Sizes suck.

Remember that dress sizes are so different than real life sizes. I’ve seen so many brides stress out over the size that is on the tag on the inside of their gown. They do whatever they can to order a smaller size. While I get that it’s frustrating to see a bigger number than you’re used to on the tag, it’s just a number. Order the size that fits you.

2. Be realistic

If you want to lose weight be realistic about how much you can lose before the wedding. We’ve had a few brides who have wanted us to order them smaller sizes and then didn’t lose the weight. Making it extremely difficult to alter their gown and even have to choose another gown mere months before their wedding day. We know brides have the best intentions, but wedding planning can be stressful. Be realistic about how much weight you can lose with so much else going on.

3. Embrace the chaos

There are going to be times of chaos. There are going to be times of overwhelm. Try to remember that those moments are short lived. That you will make it through this period of chaos. And in the end, you'll be married, making all the chaos worth it!

4. Ask for help

Sometimes as women we’re a bit stubborn and think we can do everything ourselves. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help throughout your wedding process. Most of the time your mom and your friends will be so happy to jump in and help. So don’t hesitate to ask.

5. Be kind

I remember wedding planning. I remember at times feeling like a totally different person. I remember the periods of extreme happiness and the periods of extreme stress. A good rule of thumb to remember is that kindness goes a long way. Frustrated with a vendor? Overwhelmed with your fiancé? Try to still treat them with kindness and remember they are just people too.

6. Plan early There's so much to do with wedding planning. And there are some things that can't be done until closer to the wedding. So the more you can check off your list early, the less stress you'll feel as you get closer and closer to your wedding day. Get an app or a binder and keep all your information in one place. Create a note on your phone and update it with all your RSVP’s. Whatever little things you can do to stay organized will greatly help especially as you approach the big day.

7. Include your fiancé This is your wedding day. But it’s also your fiancé’s. Try to include them in your wedding planning. Ask for their opinions and delegate some aspects to them. Think about what they would like throughout your planning process. 8. Keep the end goal in mind It’s easy to get so wrapped in all the little details of their wedding day that sometimes you forget the end goal. The wedding is a day, but the marriage is forever. Keep that end goal in mind and let some of the little things slide. 9. Communicate well A lot of the problems you will face while wedding planning will be from a lack of communication. Make sure that you are communicating regularly with your fiancé, your wedding party and your wedding vendors. Create a closed facebook group for your wedding party members and post all the important details in there. Invite your parents and your fiancé parents to the group too. That way you’ll have an information hub and no one will feel like they are missing important information. 10. Take time off Spend some time not wedding planning. Go on a date night. Get your nails done with MOH. Go to a movie. Take some time to be a couple without focusing just on wedding planning.

11. Enjoy the process You’ll only be a bride for a short time. One day you’ll look back on this time and miss it. So live in the moment and enjoy the process. The things that are stressing you out now will make you laugh in 5, 10, 15 years. So try to enjoy the wedding planning process. 12. Schedule your fitting at Suzanne's Sewing Service. We'll help take the stress out of your alteration process by having the team at SSS fit your gown perfectly. No matter where you purchased your bridal gown from, we'll help you feel and look amazing for your wedding day. Click here to book your alterations fitting. We can't wait to meet you & walk you through your fitting process.

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