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Suzanne has been making brides dreams come true for over 40 years. It isn't until the proper alterations are done that a wedding dress truly comes to life and the girl wearing it becomes a bride. Whether it's a simple hem, a temple buildup, something custom or anywhere in between, we can make your alteration dreams come true.

We specialize in wedding gown alterations and due to high demand, we currently only offer alteration services for wedding gowns.

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"Let me start by saying I researched A LOT of alterations companies in the valley. I have heard so many horror stories of girls taking their dresses into shops and having terrible experiences, and because I waited until only 2 months before my wedding to get my dress altered, I needed everything done right the first time."


Teryn Tachuk

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your hard work on my dress alterations! Every time I came in for a fitting your staff was very welcoming and kind to both myself & my mom. I was really nervous about where to take my dress, but your entire team made the process so easy. My dress was perfect the day of & I was happy to find out you do dress preservation (I know it's in good hands). Thanks again for everything!"


"I went to Suzanne’s wanting to create my own wedding dress and I was a little anxious cause I don’t know anything about creating a dress! I had my mom's dress and another one I got secondhand. After speaking to her about what I wanted and her telling me what I possible, she put together a beautiful masterpiece! The dress fit like a glove and was able to dance all night without it feeling too snug or like it was gonna fall off. This is amazing because both the dresses I brought in were too small on me. Also- Everyone who works here is SO nice and helpful! Definitely recommend it to anyone just getting their dress altered or wanting to create their own thing!



"Suzanne and the team were amazing and I can’t recommend them enough! They made sure they understood what I was looking for with my dress and set realistic expectations of the timeline with me. They were in constant communication with me, updating me on the dress status and what to expect during each visit. They fit in extra visits to ensure the dress was not only what I wanted but made sure I could move comfortably in it. They also were able to squeeze in one of my bridesmaids and made sure she also felt comfortable and confident in her dress."

Katharine Santoro


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of alterations does Suzanne’s Sewing Service offer? 

A: In order to meet demand, we only offer bridal gown alterations. 


Q: When should I start my alterations? 

A: We require at least 12 weeks (3 months) prior to your wedding date or a rush fee will be added to your alterations and depending on workload at time, we may not be able to accommodate your alterations.  


Q: Do you only offer alterations to brides who purchased at a specific bridal store? 

A: No. We do alterations for any bride who purchased her gown from any bridal store.

Q: How does the process work at Suzanne’s Sewing Services? 

A: The alterations process is typically 3-4 appointments, 30 minutes each. Typically, each appointment is roughly 2-3 weeks apart. If you are wanting any customizations, there will likely be more appointments, but all of these details will be discussed at your first fitting. 

Q: What should I bring to my fitting? 
A: Every fitting you must bring your shoes and any undergarments you want to wear. These items affect the fit of the dress and change the way the dress lays.  


Q: Does my dress stay at Suzanne’s Sewing Service? 

A: Yes. In order for your dress to be worked on, your dress must remain at Suzanne’s through all of your fittings. From there, you can either have Suzanne’s Sewing press your dress for your big day at an additional cost or take your gown after your fittings. 

Q: What is the cost of alterations? 

A: Typically, alterations on a wedding gown ranges between $500-$1000*. However, no estimate can fully be executed without seeing the dress and what needs to be done with it. During your first fitting we will walk you through the cost of your alterations.

*excludes customizations - All design changes and custom changes do not fall within the scope of regular alteration charges and will be additional.

Q: I want to find out if specific alterations can be done or receive an idea of pricing for alterations?

A: If you're not sure whether you want Suzanne to do your alterations or you want to get a quote for a design change or customization to make a decision, schedule a consultation with Suzanne. We offer consultations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 11am-2pm and we charge $50 for this service. If a first fitting is booked & alterations paid for within 30 days of your consult, your $50 will go towards your alteration costs.


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