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The 4 things you must do as a fiancé.

It can be so easy to wish yourself to your wedding day but we believe being engaged is such a special time and should be enjoyed to the fullest! You only get to call your fiancé 'fiancé' for so long so here are some things you should be doing.

1) Throw an engagement party! Celebrate this huge step in your relationship with all your friends and family! Especially after COVID, people love a reason to celebrate. And we think getting engaged is a pretty good reason to celebrate. An engagement party is also the perfect time to start introducing wedding party and extended members to each other.

2) Take engagement photos! This is a super fun way to celebrate with just the two of you. You get to dress up and be all lovey dovey for the pictures. You can even make a date night out of it! If you choose to do them with your wedding photographer it gives you an extra chance to get to know them and their style before your wedding day. It can also be the perfect time to trial hair and makeup artists.

3) Get some fiancé swag! You're only engaged once so work it girl! Think bride-to-be t-shirts and fiance water bottles. Show off your new status.

4) And remember! When it comes to wedding planning, the day is about your love for one another. Don't let the nitty, gritty details of planning take the joy of being engaged away from you!

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All pictures from Pinterest.

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