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Hali's Experience at Suzanne's Sewing Service & All About her Wedding Day!

Wedding date: July 18, 2021

How did you hear about Suzanne's Sewing?


What made you choose Suzanne's Sewing?

I was fed up with trying to find the right dress and had gone EVERYWHERE. It came down to all the reviews saying that Suzanne was the best seamstress in the valley. The store also carried a designer that I really liked, and she was able to order the dress for me (this was back when Suzanne's Bridal still existed). Everyone was super friendly when I picked out and picked up the dress, and considering I had chosen the place to buy my dress based on Suzanne's reputation as a seamstress, of COURSE I went to her for the alterations.

What alterations did Suzanne do?

She hemmed the dress for me, added bust padding, and also cut out a BUNCH of tulle from inside the skirt. It had kind of a poofy princessy skirt, which didn't fit my personality or the venue, but once she took the tulle out it was like the dress was made specially for me and our venue.

How did you feel in your gown on the day of your wedding?

Like a pirate queen. I felt gorgeous and like I had the best dress I could have imagined. I went into dress shopping without a clear idea of what I wanted, and the more dresses I tried on the less clear my ideas got. I had started to think I'd just have to settle on something I felt pretty in but didn't love and didn't feel like me, but nope. Got it. It was comfortable, it fit me perfectly, it moved well, and it was just absolutely perfect.

How was your experience working with Suzanne + her team?

It was amazing! I was (and still am) always surprised that Suzanne remembers me from appointment to appointment, just because I know how busy they are there and I just assume if you spend all day talking to brides and looking at dresses and people go weeks or months in between appointments that, well, who can remember names with all that going on? Suzanne can, that's who. I called a week or so ago to make an appointment to have my dress cleaned (3 months post-wedding now) and when I told her my name for the appointment she knew exactly who I was. I understand that it has to be a little bit of "it's our job to remember people" but holy cow that's impressive, there's no way I could remember a name after that long when dealing with new people every day. It was just really nice, the whole experience was extremely personal and her attention to detail was amazing. I could not have asked for more.

Who were your favourite wedding vendors from your wedding day?

Our photographers Bethany and Dan were absolutely amazing. They made us incredibly comfortable and even made a point to meet up with us for lunch beforehand so that when they arrived for the big day it was more like greeting a friend than meeting a "vendor". As much as this made the day more relaxed and enjoyable, I think it made our pictures better too. Never underestimate the power of being comfortable around someone. Our officiant was also amazing, she wrote unique vows specially for us that were tailored to all the important bits of us as individuals and as a couple. I met with her over the phone for a couple hours when we first chose her for our wedding and she took notes on every bit of our conversation and worked it into the vows. No part of them was generic and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. She was truly amazing and I was blown away by her.

Photography by Bethany and Dan.

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